Friday, 20 April 2018

Rapid Succession

Yes, I’m back. No, I didn’t die. Not that you cared. While I am typing away, I want you know that I am in a different country than my home. Was a student, then an employee and again a student. But a student with education loans......this might not be as structured as I want it to be but it definitely represents the confusion in my head, I am still figuring a smooth way out. The question I have been slyly smiling about in the past week and still don’t know the right answer – what the hell is it with some of us? Why do we choose the hard life?

My college life was amazing! I had the best people, the best projects, the best responsibilities and the best job offers. Six months into getting out of college and still enjoying a peaceful life, I thought I still haven’t achieved what I wanted to. I left a blooming career, all the recognition and ventured to start a life where my past wouldn’t save me. You might laugh at my stupidity of literally pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but what am I to do? The thought of not even trying it out sucked the life out of me back home. I am in the phase where I am happy I got my closure and I am trying at what I want to achieve but I am also dwelling in the past. Back at home, I would have had a simpler life - earning money, meeting friends, catching up with family and climbing up the age ladder. I am still climbing up the age ladder except, with a baggage of problems that I created for myself. And it would take two years to fully solve the problem and admire/hate the solution. I could have been living an awesome life back home with the best people and the best opportunities but why did I choose to do this? I’m sure I’ll have a great answer to this in two years. The lesson here is, dwelling in the past gets you nowhere. And it takes a long time to stop thinking of your past and get started on the dreams you’re working on. If you are reading this and have the same fears as mine, I just want you to know that you’re braver than most. Even if you are not in a great place right now, I’m sure you can achieve it. The fact that you left a normal life behind to do something that is awesome for you shows you have the strength to get started. Keep up the good work you tireless creature!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Letter : Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series although untouched for a few years, is a book that I go back to for powerful quotes and comedic parts. Even looking at the cover of the books anywhere in the world is a pleasantly elegiac experience. The desire to go back in time and devour them is heightened every time I notice a child reading a book from the series. I guess the special connection exists because I grew up with the books. As the books came out one by one, I was turning into a more mature growing adult. The books share a small part of my thought evolution. I may not be your typical fanatic; but I am the one who reveres the author’s intellect and what the books hold in itself.

Growing up, I had insecurities. I saw a Harry Potter in myself. When I recognized the rude, selfish and evil people around me and when I saw that they got what they wanted through their misdeeds; a sense of perplexity developed. Now I can say that I followed a more righteous path and that required the courage and bravery that Harry most obviously displayed. And on this journey, I met great people, made wonderful friends and learned a great many lessons. It’s a series that’s always been a mentor and a childhood entertainment.

When I started the series, I went in with zero expectations but now it is a series that matters a lot to me. It’s like the butterfly effect : As the pages of the book flipped and as the time flied, the positive impact it had on me became immense and inestimable. 

My heartfelt thanks to J.K.Rowling for creating and writing this amazing series! 

PS: Picture does not belong to me. Thanks to pixabay for the pictures!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Exam Time are my fun times??

For me, there has always been a great wave of emotional positiveness and hope for the future during a particular time. Girl!(or Boy!), don't you feel like exam time are times to reflect on your actions and pave a path for your future self? For the rest of my life, my energy levels are dormant but Miss. Exam is about to knock at my door and I'm all pheephoophiefoom.....

Here are the list of things I love love love doing when she decides to walk by(very slowly) :

The Sales and Shopping - I quote Michelle Phan, 'Love, Sale and Free are my favorite four lettered words.' And that is a sentence I lead my life by during exams. Otherwise, I am good at managing my resources and do not fall for sale baits. So for my study holidays, I'mma use it to find out sales nearby and schedule my study time around my shopping time. Yes, this is the time when my wardrobe of a million items are too less for my beautiful life. 


The Fitness Freak - I suddenly want to lose weight. By the end of this exam month, I shall weigh 10 kilos lesser #LifeGoals. True story,I skipped 800 counts, sprained my leg, suffered for a week and lost my study hours. I shall voluntarily risk my life bravely even when I know I have to focus on academics.

The Marvelous Movies - This is the time you know your TV channels are voodoo magicians working against your destined successful life. Damn! How does it know the list of movies I've wanted to watch? The First time on TVs during my exams are the ones that I've always wanted to watch. Alright, what do I do when there are advertisement breaks? I watch other channels because they too have custom tailored movie schedules designed just for me. There's no way to escape :-(

The Valuable yet Valueless Visits - During exam times my doors are not only open to Miss. Exam herself but also to my relatives and friends. God help me, they know exactly when to drop by. Its valuable because I hardly have guests at home and its lovely to meet and spend quality time when they finally have the time and opportunity to drop by. Its partly valueless because I am not fully engaged in the activities.

The Raptorial Reader - I am not good at phrasing my sentences but I don't quite know how to express my hunger for reading non-academic books during exams. Let me give you a description :  I am sensitive to slight shuffles of the books when they are disturbed, then there is a nervous series of raised heart beats, I am sweating. And Bam! I have pounced on a book. I finish it overnight and my excitement has only begun. Such a devil ;-)

The Focus on Future - It is during this time that I am aware of my gifted life. Questions on what I am doing with my life, what I am planning to do with it and how do I go about it cross my mind. I start maintaining a diary and a digital template to keep up with life and to answer my philosophical questions. Wow! Certainly not the best way to spend your study hours.

The Sound Sleeper - Although it is difficult to catch some sleep the night before exams, I sleep like a baby during my study holidays. I go to bed with the confidence of a student who finished third revision and wake up with the confidence to face reality and actually for the first-time-ever start studying. Okay, I studied the first three pages of my text book and what a day! *Falls back in bed*

Exam times are those times when my brain is most active, most creative, most efficient and most clearly distracted from the real purpose. Feel free to share your exam stress relievers in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

PS : This post is exaggerated. So kids, don't take this seriously and assume they are the reasons you're not doing well in tests. Seriously though, focus and learn to give it your best during exams

PS : Not all pictures belong to me. Some of them are supported by Pixabay